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Jeju Tangerines: Ultimate Vitamin Boosters

On the amazing paradise Korean Jeju Island, there are massive orchards filled with tangerine trees that have existed there for many centuries. The nutritional values of the citrus fruits mostly are widely known especially as they are rich in Vitamin C and famous for helping us boosting our immune system and fight the winter colds. However, the benfits of these little fruits do not stop there and they go Skin Deep!

Skin Treatments

Vitamin A is known to be super beneficial for any skin diseases such as acne or pimples. Tangerines with their high concentration of Vitamin A in addition to their anti-bacterial properties are the favourite option for treating any skin problems.

Youthful & Smooth Skin

The high concentration of Vitamin A in the tangerines also make them the perfect choice for fighting off skin aging symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles. Being rich in Vitamin C the amazing antioxidants, they also help combating the free radicals and delaying the aging process in turn. Moreover, they stimulate the collagen production resulting youthful and smooth skin

Skin Brightening

The vitamins in tangerines clear off the skin oils and blemishes, brighten the skin tone and give it a refreshing glow. This can be particularly achieved using a tangerine mask.

There is a strong life force in these citrus fruits making them the ultimate survivors of all four seasons of the island. Surviving the indecisive weather of Jeju Island, from the glaring sun to fierce snowstorms, Jeju tangerines hold a sense of energy. Frudia places that energy and all the skin benefits in into its Citrus Line —ready to deliver moisture, vitamins and a healthy glow to the skin.

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