Real fruit Goes skin deep. This is what we have always believed at Frudia and our aim has always been to provide you with real fruits in bottles! 30 years of research has enabled us to come up with the most innovative solution to do just that!

R Vita WTM is a state of art low temperature extraction of carefully selected fruits. The long extraction process ensures preserving the fruits’ original nutrients, vitamins, colours and fragrances. The final product is 100% fruit based with no addition of purified water.

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Step 1

Ultrasonic waves sterilizing and cleaning.

In order to save the nutrition of the fruit and
eliminate the impurities, it clean cleanly with the
ultrasonic waves sterilizing system

Step 2

The handmade pulverization.

In order to protect the nutrients of the fruit which
are weak to the external shocks, it pulverize through
the handmade method as if to cut and crush slowly
with the hands.

Step 3

The 48 hours swelling.

In order to extract the nutrients of the fruit in the
optimal condition, it go through the process of waiting
for 48 hours.


Step 4

Extract the juice slowly at low temperature.

It is the process of extracting the juice slowly at
100% low temperature in order to put in the
inherent color, scent, and texture of the fruit just the
way they are without destroying the nutrients and
vitamins of the fruit.


Step 5

0% of purified water.

The completion of a pure juice extract without
mixing a single drop of water! The Frudia brimfully
containing the fruit nutrients will protect the skin to
be healthy and beautiful. .