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Frudia’s Name

Derived From Fruits

The name “Frudia” is a combination of the words “fruit” and “dia”- a Greek word meaning “by” or “of.”

Frudia’s Story


researcher at Welcos, who had studied the
benefits of fruits for 30 years, started to probe
over an important question: how do you
deliver the beneficial properties from fruits to
the skin, with minimal loss of nutrients ?


While travelling the world to find the answer, he discovered a workshop in Alsace, France where jam was made without any added chemicals. He saw that the master crafter, who handled the jammaking process, had wrinkle-free, moist, and smooth hands.


Realizing how beneficial naturally derived nutrients from fruits could be, the researcher set out to find the perfect water, an essential base for all skin care products.


Through the process of low-temperature extraction of seeds, juice, and even the peels of fruits, products could be produced with minimal nutritional loss.


Taking fruits’ main properties of vitamin, moisture, beta-carotene, licopene, anthocyanin,and antioxidants, Frudia, derived from Fruits, was born to revitalize and reenergize your skin.


Now, make it a habit to eat your fruits in a new and exciting way. Frudia, through years of research and dedication, is excited to offer you the best possible option for your precious skin.

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Real fruit goes skin deep. 30 years of research to deliver the benefits from fruits to skin, with minimal loss of nutrients.